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Why is a professional video better than a friend doing it for free with their camcorder?

It does not follow that just because a person has a camera they can provide you with the expertise you need. In filming and videography, more than just about any other aspect of your wedding, "size matters". Common domestic camcorders mostly record in HD or AVCHD. Whilst the standard itself gives a superior recording quality to other formats, such as MiniDV, the overall quality of the video is usually let down by the quality of the camera in terms of lens and audio.

Canon XH-A1

Broadcast Quality

APVS use Canon XH-A1 cameras which record in 1080p High Definition. This is then edited in a PC and burned onto a master DVD. DVD copies are then made from this master. This means that at no point does the quality of the image or sound drop below that found on pre-recorded DVDs. Even the VHS copies are of a superior quality because they are taken from a DVD.

Canon XH-A1

Superior Sound

The average camcorder has a tiny built in condenser mic that will pick up sound over a distance of around 5 metres. APVS use broadcast standard Sennheiser rifle mics held in shock mounts with "fluffy dog" covers to block out wind noise which will pick up sound over a distance of some 50 metres.

Canon XH-A1

Long Range Zoom

The average camcorder has a tiny lens with very little zoom capacity and relies on digital zoom to get in really close which gives a grainy or pixelated image. APVS use Canon XL lenses with 20x Optical Zoom and built in image stabilising.

Leave your Guests Free to Enjoy the Day!

But the main reason for not getting a friend to video your wedding is that they are there as guests to enjoy themselves and with the best will in the world that is what they would rather be doing. APVS will be there solely for the purpose of videoing your special day.

Why are you so much cheaper than other videographers?

At APVS we regularly monitor the service provided by our competitors and set our prices accordingly. Yes you can pay twice as much with other companies providing the same services. We would say that if you are paying £1000 for your wedding video you are paying too much!